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      Hey guys! First off I want to extend a MASSIVE thank you to Vactory for all the hard work he’s done with the website! Now that things are rolling out and we have it mostly functional, it’s time to make it our home. So what would be some interesting things we can add to the website? Please let your imagination go crazy and let’s make this a place that deserves traffic! Leave a comment down below with your ideas. Vactory and I will go over them and see if it’s possible for us to add. Thank you all for your time.


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      You’re welcome Cash!

      I wanted to add a quick FYI… Anyone can update their profile info (including images) by going to user name)

      EDIT: There was some kind of update that screwed up everyones avatars. I sincerely apologize, but now it is built in to your user profile. Just click your name, edit, and then you can upload an image. Sorry again… if you run into any issues, let me know!

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